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Friday 24 May 2013

Help For Heroes

Image used with kind permission from Ron McGeary

An act of barbarity took place on the streets of my country's Capital this week; a young man in the prime of his life was brutally killed in broad daylight.

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I don't think I'll ever truly be able to understand why, but this husband and father to a two-year old son, happened to be a British soldier and he happened to step out of the barracks, wearing his Help For Heroes t-shirt. It was an act of terrorism committed by radical extremists, British men, whom that fallen soldier had served to protect.

This despicable crime horrifies and sickens me, on every level; as a wife, mother, daughter, aunt, sister, niece, cousin, friend, as well as former partner of a soldier, but more importantly, as a human being. Whilst many stood by and watched the horror unfolding, a small number of women shielded Drummer Rigby. Those regular women, who just happened to be there, made a difference.

I want to try and make a difference too...

So, I have chosen to donate all royalties for my story, For One Night Only, as featured in Serviced: Volume 1 to Help for Heroes.

Serviced is available from most major e-retailers but I will receive more to then pass on if you purchase direct from the publisher. Please see my website for details and the links you'll need, and feel free to try before you buy by reading the first chapter for free.

When I set out to write For One Night Only, I did not do it for the financial reward; I did it as a personal challenge to myself to see if I could write outside of my comfort zone and push myself as a writer. It turned out I could, with the story immediately contracted, and that is more than enough of a reward for me. With the backing of my family, I am happy to be able to give something back to show my support and appreciation of our troops, as per my dedication in the book itself:

And to all the other Heroes...

Thank you for keeping me, my family, and my friends—including the friends I haven’t met yet—safe and sound, and for putting yourselves on the line every single day.

Help for Heroes

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