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Latest release...
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Sunday 10 March 2013

SERVICED: Taking Command by Zara Stoneley

Following the release of Serviced on March 1st, I am running a daily spotlight for each of the stories featured in this hot new military-themed anthology from Breathless Press...

Taking Command
by Zara Stoneley

Mike Sands knows that loving a soldier can lead to heartache, so when he falls hard for his best mates little sister he knows he has to walk away. 
But can Jade let him, when one taste has left her desperate for more? Or dare she take command of the situation and prove to both of them that maybe what they have is worth taking a risk over?
Sometimes one night of passion is not enough, sometimes you just have to stop thinking about the future and live in the present.


She ran her tongue over her generous mouth, and smiled, so slow and so deliberate that he felt his mouth dry up like he was tasting dust. 

"Six months ago, you gave me what I wanted, Mike, what we both wanted, just before you ran away." Her lips parted and she dipped one finger deep into the soft warm depths of her mouth, drew it out slowly, her cheeks hollowing. Just the way she'd look as she sucked his aching dick. "I still want you and I think you still want me, don't you?" The husky voice snaked straight down his body to his aching balls. 

"You wouldn't believe how much I want you." He swallowed hard. "But, I should never have touched you." He should never have touched her, and he should never have left her. Shit, if she carried on doing that, he'd be coming. He shouldn't have kissed her; he shouldn't have wrapped his arm around that firm ass and pulled her in tight so that her breasts rubbed against his shoulder. He shouldn't have run his hand up the inside of her creamy thigh. Even though he wanted her so much it hurt, and she knew, they knew each other so well. Too well. Maybe, just maybe nothing would happen to him...and maybe she was strong enough to cope if it did. Jade wasn't his mum, Jade was unique. 

The string of rational thought shattered and his stomach clenched as she stepped closer, leaned down, and ran her tongue over his lips. She teased at his mouth with her teeth, pulling just short of pain, and he groaned. Control had always been hard here, in his safe place, with people he trusted. Here he let down his guard. 

"I think you should. I want you, Mike." 

The sweet musk of her arousal teased at his senses; she was wet, he knew she was sopping wet, if only he could reach out, slip his fingers between her legs. Her tongue dipped into his mouth, slid along his teeth, and then she was sucking on his tongue, gentle persistent sucks that sent a new rush of blood to his groin. Just as the ache in his balls started to mess with his head she stopped. 

"And I'm going to have you."

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Serviced: Volume 1

ISBN: 978-1-77101-022-1
Heat Rating: 5
Word Count: 65386
Release Date: March 1, 2013

All's fair in love and war, they say. Come find out if it's true in these ten stories where soldiers prove that their skills in the field are only rivaled by their skills in the bedroom.

For One Night Only
by Allie A Burrow

Over A Dead Body
by Leona Bushman

Reds, Whites, and Blues
by Mickey J. Corrigan

Leave Taking
by Angelica Dawson

First Date: The Italian Colonel
by Jesabelle Jones

Major's Minah
by Ravan McAllan

Knock Out
by Natalia Petrovskii

A Chance At Love
by Shelli Rosewarne

Taking Command
by Zara Stoneley

Riding Out the Storm
by Natalia Petrovskii

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