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Latest release...
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Saturday 8 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas: 17 more sleeps...

Oh Christmas Tree
by S.J. Thomas

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A Christmas curse trapped him and a Christmas wish released him, but will the passion that is ignited be strong enough to keep them together? Cursed by the Spirit of Christmas, Scottish tree spirit Ghille Dhu has been bound in his spirit form to the Christmas tree for over a hundred and fifty years. He can only be freed by a woman with a true belief in Christmas.
Escaping the hurt of a recent breakup, Amanda Pearce has come to Scotland for the holidays and she is stunned when her idle wish for someone to share Christmas with conjures a fierce, wild looking male from her Christmas tree.
Having been trapped for so long Ghille Dhu is gripped by an overwhelming lust and desire for the woman who has freed him; a lust and desire that Amanda returns. She wants this other worldly male, and when his dominant side is revealed Amanda is surprised by her ready submission.
As Christmas approaches Amanda submits to Ghille Dhu's wild desires and firm control in ways she never has before, but will she give enough of herself to break the curse forever?

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$2.49 / £1.67

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About the author...

Writing sizzling paranormal romance and erotica and dark paranormal horror SJ Thomas lives in the South West of England with her wonderful husband and a very spoilt Springer Spaniel. She has a full time day job so has to fit her writing in when ever she can, but of course would love to write full time one day. When not writing or working she enjoys reading, walking, geocaching and surfing badly.

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What would it be like to decorate the tree with a lover? To have someone's warm arms wrapped around her as they placed each decoration on the tree. To playfully argue about where to put the little white doves or the wooden rocking horse. To be distracted by hot, sweet kisses.

As the fantasy played out in her mind, Amanda's fingers stroked one of the branches, the needles surprisingly soft as long as you went away from the trunk. What she wouldn't give to have a man who really believed in Christmas, who knew what made it important and why it should be celebrated. Oh if only there was such a thing as the Spirit of Christmas and it granted wishes.

Suddenly the tree came to life beneath her hands, its limbs shaking violently, knocking loose the lights she'd placed on it. With a scream Amanda leaped back, and spinning round she grabbed for her phone, her fingers scrolling for Tony's number. When she glanced back at the tree the phone fell forgotten to the floor.

In the middle of the room, in front of the tree, stood a man. A wild, fierce looking man dressed in a strange hooded cloak and loincloth, both of which looked like they were made from moss and leaves. Beneath the hood she saw sharp elfin features, coal black hair plaited into beaded braids, and piercing, otherworldly green eyes. He was almost as tall as the Christmas tree, and because of how little he was wearing, she got an eyeful of his sinful body. Every inch of him was ripped, with ropes of sinewy lick-able muscles lacing his chest and stomach. At the back of her mind alarm bells were ringing, but Amanda couldn't take her eyes off him, couldn't make her body do anything other than ready itself for him.

His head jerked left then right, his wild gaze flitting frantically around the room, before settling on her, and the heat and hunger Amanda saw there sparked a hunger of her own. In that instant who and what he was didn't matter. She only knew she wanted him.

With a graceful movement he stalked toward her, his cloak disappearing as he moved. She knew she should run but rather than backing away she actually stepped closer. His eyes widened and nostrils flared, that animalistic response making her breath catch. Her body throbbed with sensation and she could feel the wetness between her thighs already; he hadn't even touched her and she was so ready.

Stopping only inches from her, his gaze roamed over her face before dipping down to her cleavage, a deep growl emanating from his chest. The sound made the hairs on her arms stand on end, set her heart thundering, but Amanda could not draw herself away from the mesmerizing male who now stood right in front of her. This close he was stunning, his elfin features utterly flawless, yet still so very masculine. Unconsciously her body shifted forward, her hands clenched into fists as she willed for him to touch her.

The next instance she got what she wanted as he jerked her to him, one hand tangling in her hair, the other circling her to press against her back. Amanda melded herself against him, clinging to his broad shoulders to pull him closer, and their lips and tongues met in a fierce and wild battle. He tasted like rich wine with a hint of spice, utterly delicious, and he smelled amazing; like fresh air and mountain streams and pine trees. Sharp and fresh and exhilarating.

Her body seemed to come to life in his arms and she began to explore him, running her seeking fingers over the hard planes of his chest and back, each touch sending sparks of electricity through her. She was so aroused and she could feel his response in the firm grip of his hands, his hungry kiss, and the hardness of his cock as it pressed against her belly. Amanda knew where this was going and had no doubts it was what she wanted, when unexpectedly he pulled back, holding her at arms' length, leaving her gasping from the intensity of their encounter.

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  1. Oh Christmas Tree sounds wonderful! I can't wait to read it!

  2. Thanks everyone and thanks Allie for having me. I don't want to brag (ah who I am kidding of course I want to brag!) but I just received a 5 star review for this one from the Paranormal Romance Guild. I am so happy because it was a last minute decision for me to write it although once I started it really did write itself, in face I think I had my record word count in a day with this one (8000 if you are interested!). xx SJ